Black Acropolis


Eggman robos, Hammerheads, Search towers


Cosmo and Nova, Shadow, and Rouge

Number of Acts:



Snow Base



Black Acropolis is a base set up in a snowy region by Dr. Eggman. It is the 3rd stage in Legend of the Eight Firstborn.


The first act of the stage takes place going downhill on snowboards. Cosmo and Nova have to sled down a hill, avoiding enemy robots that try to shoot them, and also jump ramps over trenches. The robots later start dropping snowballs down onto them. The act ends when the two aliens are being chased by a gigantic snowball, but they outsled it and reach the base.

Act 2 takes place at the actual base, which is designed like a military base. The aliens have to run through a field, avoiding detection from the searchlights. At the same time, Shadow and Rouge are fighting their way through the base's interior, eventually reaching the roof where the searchlight towers are. To help the aliens proceed, they take out the towers. The stage ends at the base's front entrance, which is protected by three Hammerhead robots that the aliens must defeat. They do so and head inside, followed by Shadow and Rouge. Inside, they find a transporter to the Death Egg, and use it to warp there.

Black Acropolis Act 1 Theme:

Black Acropolis Act 2 Theme:

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