Barney! Please do not drink, kids.

Barney Daniels, a serial womanizer with father issues and questionable actions, is the older, half brother of Jack in Buddygirl1004's universe. It is shown he is Anuptaphobic, and expresses this with his two brothers.


Jack DanielsEdit

Jack is Barney's younger, half brother. He taught him in the religion of Suit-Wearing, which is a religion practiced by the Daniels men. He also got Jack into womanizing until Jack got together with Eva.

James DanielsEdit

James is Barney's older, half brother. On the dating scene, he and Barney are a lethal combination as James is as effective a homosexual charmer as his brother is with the opposite sex. James eventually married Tom, contrary to Barney's initial protests. Barney was not specifically opposed to gay marriage, but to the general concept of monogamy for any two people of a different orientation, as Tom was Mexican. When Barney learned he was going to be an uncle he came around. In fact he was best man at the wedding.

Eli DanielsEdit

Eli is the adopted son of James and Tom.

Sadie DanielsEdit

Sadie is the younger sister of Eli, she too was adopted.

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