"Only LOSERS are afraid of the dark!"

~Aynos to Sonya.

Aynos (Numbuh -83) is Sonya's Negative.


Aynos Noskcid is a fearbender, and prefers the dark over all other places. Like Sonya, she is a demon of the dark, but proves herself far more vicious when snuffing out prey.

In the Nextgen Series, she is married to Eel Reprah and has two kids, Yllas and Yevrah Reprah.

Yougotburned's UniverseEdit

AynoS KniP is Pro-Negative Man and will fight for him/her until death. At first glance, she looks like a nice girl who couldn't hurt a fly, but she isn't. AynoS is a mean fighting machine. Although, she does have a weakness and only he can stop her from complete destruction.

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