Planet Avalar...hopefully it's good...

Planet Avalar (originally from the Spyro series) is a fairytale planet in Galaxia, and the 5th world of Operation: GALACSIA. It is inhabited by all sorts of fairytale creatures, namely dragons, and the landscape is one of the prettiest in Galaxia. The main group met Spyro here in Operation: GALACSIA, when this planet was under attack by Ripto and his Rhynocs, as well as his Dodongo Dragon.
Planet Avalar


Spyro, Ripto, Gnasty Gnorc, Rhynocs, Bianca




Dragon's Lair


Dodongo Dragon


Valley of AvalarEdit

DotD Soundtrack - Valley of Avalar (2)03:16

DotD Soundtrack - Valley of Avalar (2)

Valley of Avalar theme

The Valley of Avalar was the 10th stage in GALACSIA. Spyro led the main group across this valley to the Dragon's Lair. This was also another section in the race, this time in vehicles. It's probably one of the most beautiful grasslands in the galaxy.

Dragon's LairEdit

Hot Times in Mt30:00

Hot Times in Mt. Lavalava - Paper Mario Music Extended

The Magma Lair

The Dragon's Lair was Avalar's dungeon, and the 11th stage of GALACSIA. The team fought Ripto and the Dodongo Dragon here and retrieved the Fifth Star.

Twilight FallsEdit

The Twilight Falls was an area in The Great Galactic Race that the racers had to travel on foot, except for the cheating villains. There, Morgan, Beckah and The Quads relaxed for a bit, and Morgan told them how she would never leave them and that they were her family and she loved them.

Twilight Falls Stage Theme:

Valley of Avalar

Valley of Avalar

Molten CraterEdit

The Molten Crater was the last area in the Avalar section of the race. In there, Nick chased The Quads on a pterodactyl.

Molten Crater Stage Theme:

Silver River ForestEdit

The Silver River Forest is a forest of poison. It is the home of the Poison Spirit, Hexxus.

Enchanted DomainEdit

Enchanted Domain was Lucinda Talzin's castle.


Stories It's AppearedEdit

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