Aurra Sing

Aurra Sing

Aurra Sing (originally from Star Wars: The Clone Wars) is a galactic bounty hunter from Planet Glomour, and the only female of the Old Star Wolf Team.
Aurra Sing






John O'Donnell, Cad Bane


Ava, Kami


Cad Bane?


Planet Glomour


Retired, but came back.


Galactic bounty hunter, former Old Star Wolf member

Good or Bad?


Hair and eye color:

Auburn hair, green eyes

Firstborn SagaEdit

In Monty's Galactic Days, Aurra seemed to have a real grudge against Ava. She always had to break up John O'Donnell and Cad Bane whenever they fought, meaning she may be the reasonable one of the team. During the Invasion of Irk, Knab Membrane defeated her, and she wasn't heard from since.

In the one-shot "A New Friendship", Cad Bane watched Ava and Kami talk, then called Aurra on his watch.

She received Bane's call and came down to Earth in Final Preparations, and was eager to get revenge on Ava AND get gold. She, Bane, and Madame Rouge later fought Kami Drilovsky, but were defeated.

In Legend of the Eight Firstborn, it's revealed that Aurra and Ava used to be best friends in the Glomourian Kids Next Door, before Ava left for GKND without saying good-bye. She joins Team Brotherhood and the Toxic Four as they go to Vaporia, and end up trapped. She later battles Ava on Planet Avalar, and then again on Star Station.


John O'DonnellEdit

John was Aurra's leader before he died. Not much was known of their relationship, except she always broke him and Cad Bane up when they fought.

Cad BaneEdit

Cad Bane seems to hang around Aurra the most. It's possible he has a crush on her.

Boba FettEdit

Aurra seemed to look after Boba Fett after his father was killed. They had a slight mother/son bond.


Ava and Aurra seem to have a bitter rivalry. They were once friends in the Kids Next Door.


Aurra has a ponytail of many braids, pale white skin, an orange, sleeveless jumpsuit, brown boots, and a brown belt with supplies. She has brown hair and green eyes.


Like other Star Wolf members, Aurra is skilled at piloting her Wolfen, and her Wolfen comes equipped with a solid laser that can grab things, like asteroids or other ships. Aurra also wields nun-chucks, connected by a laser chain, which she can stretch out and hit from longer distances. Aurra is also a skilled sniper.

Stories She's AppearedEdit


  • Aurra Sing apparently has a longer name. Makava was about to tell it to Sector V, but Chris stopped her, wanting to believe her name is the shortest of all Glomourians.

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