haha, this looks so much like the real Ariel! lol

"Why can't I be at the top? I'm as light as a feather."

-Ariel to the Cheer Squad.

Ariel Tiara Stomphim (pronounced "stomp-him") is a member of the Glam Clan.

Ariel Tiara Stomphim


Mingli Chang: Paternal Uncle. Josephine Stomphim-Chang: Paternal Aunt. Wendy Chang: Cousin. Jackson Stomphim: Father. Allison Waters-Stomphim: Mother.

Hair Style

Long, curly brown hair


Dark brown


Mean girl. Member of the Glam Clan


The Glam Clan, Family, Cheer Squad


Black Soul, Ex-boyfriends,

Ariel is of Hispanic descent. She is on the chubby side and everyone knows it, though she tries desperately to hide it.


She has a round chubby face and has long, curly brown hair and dark brown eyes with light freckles. She has tight, thin lips and a pig like nose. She squeezes herself into tight fitting clothing so it looks like she is always constipated. She also has anger problems and will blow up on every little thing.


Wendy ChangEdit

The two are cousins and grew up together. Ariel thinks that Wendy made her part of The Glam Clan because they are cousins and Wendy deemed her worthy of being a member.

Aby DittzburgEdit

The two have been friends since second grade. Ariel has always envied her and Wendy since they were always at the top of the pyramid while she was on the bottom.

Lily SummersEdit

The two have been friends since second grade. Ariel is one of the few people who know Lily's real name.

Stephane AbramsEdit

The two have been friends since second grade.

Molly AbramsEdit

It took Ariel a while before she accepted Molly into the ranks of The Glam Clan. She didn't trust her at first because of her obsession with Black Soul, but when she learned why Wendy had made her part of The Glam Clan she was more than happy to accept Molly as her friend and then later on as her sister.

Kuki SanbanEdit

Ariel's hatred for Kuki is one that has formed from her loyalties to The Glam Clan. Since Wendy hates Kuki's guts, all the girls must hate Kuki's guts.

Black SoulEdit

Ariel's hatred for Black Soul was formed from being in The Glam Clan.

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