KND Angie aka 391 by Cha Chocolate


Angelina "Angie" Stone is a young, hyper operative who works in KND and has a crush on Harvey. She was the first OC created for Harvey and Harvey/Angie is probably the most popular Harvey/OC pairing on Fanfiction. Angie is Numbuh 119 (eleventy-nine), and she works as Rachel's assistant.
Angelina Stone






Rachel, Nigel, Harvey


Lizzie, Father, Megamom


Harvey McKenzie


West Virginia




Rachel's assistant

Good or Bad?


Hair and eye color:


LazyPencilLender's UniverseEdit

She made her first appearance in Rachel's Diary, where she constantly annoyed Harvey by poking him. In that same story, she delayed Harvey and Lizzie's plans to prevent Nigel and Rachel from getting together and helped Rachel to get together with him. During the dance of that story, Father and his villains attacked, but were scared away by Angie's extreme anger.

She made a comeback in Weddings, Teams, and Fortune Tellers, where she once again tried getting Nigel and Rachel together and foiling Harvey and Lizzie's plans. She even made a bet with Harvey where, if she lost, she couldn't bug him, but if he lost, he would have to kiss her. Around the end of that story, Angie was seen in action for the first time when the Moonbase was attacked by a giant Megamom. In the end, Nigel and Rachel got together once again and Harvey had to kiss her.

Her most recent appearance was in "What are you trying to say?", where she and Harvey were kidnapped by Father in order to gain information on the KND. Harvey and Angie were locked in a cell together, where Angie constantly bugged him as usual, and even gave Father a headache whenever they escaped or he came to speak with them.

She also had a small appearance in "Revenges", pulling a prank on Harvey with the other girls.

In the future, Angie and Harvey are married and have two twins named Austin and Hailey.

Firstborn SagaEdit

In Gamewizard's series, there is a girl who represents Angie, called Angelie Granite, who is an earthbender.


Harvey McKenzieEdit

Angie is Harvey's next door neighbor and she loves to come over and bug him. She also has a crush on him. While Harvey finds her annoying, he admits that she's his best friend.

Rachel McKenzieEdit

Angie serves as Rachel's assistant up on Moonbase. She also tries to get her and Nigel together.


Father is annoyed by Angie as well, and fears Angie's cold temper.


Angie is a crazy, hyper operative, who loves bugging Harvey, and also has a crush on him. She often calls him "Harvey Poop".

Stories She's Appeared InEdit

  • Rachel's Diary
  • Weddings, Teams, and Fortune Tellers
  • Revenges
  • What are you trying to say?

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