Daniel and Isabelle

(Left) Daniel Anderson. (Right) Isabelle Anderson

"Mommy and Daddy love you."

~Isabelle and Daniel Anderson to their children, before disappearing.

The Anderson family is a family descended from the Twili.

Family MembersEdit

Isabelle AndersonEdit

Isabelle is the mother to Victoria, Danika, Leo, Brianna and Payton. She was a skilled shadowbender, half-Twili, and sister of Daphne. Her shadow companion was named Akita, who was the mother figure to Cheshire.


Akita was Isabelle's shadow companion. She was Cheshire's mother figure and vanished along with the Anderson parents.

Daniel AndersonEdit

Daniel is the father of Victoria, Danika, Leo, Brianna and Payton, and married into the Anderson Family through Isabelle. He's noted as a talented poisonbender.

Daphne AndersonEdit

Daphne is the little sister of Isabelle, also half-Twili as she was born with white skin and hair. She is a shadowbender of Gray Shade Style, and is a Leader of the World Government.


Shaydes is Daphne's shadow. After being injected with Dark Chi by demons, Shaydes became gray and mute. She is still loyal to her master.

Victoria AndersonEdit

Victoria has been the head of the house ever since her parents disappeared and is the peace-keeper of the family.

Danika AndersonEdit

Danika is the second-in-command of the Anderson household. She inherited her mother's shadowbending and is almost as skilled with it as her mother was.


Cheshire is Danika's shadow. She learned everything she knows from her mother, Akita.

Nolan YorkEdit

Nolan is Danika's best friend and future husband, a vigilante who goes by the alias Sandman.

Leopold (Leo) AndersonEdit

Leo is Danika's younger twin brother. He's the rather idiotic boy who got his dad's poisonbending. Unfortunately, he doesn't put it to good uses and is quite reckless.

Brianna AndersonEdit

Brianna is the second-to-youngest of the Anderson kids.

Payton AndersonEdit

The youngest child of the Anderson family. She's unaware of the fact, but she got her mother's hidden talent.

Dillon YorkEdit

Dillon is the son of Nolan and Danika, and inherited his mother's shadowbending. He is the Spy of Sector V.


Mario is Dillon's shadow, and son of Cheshire and Nolan's shadow.


At some point in the past, the Andersons were entrusted with one of Midna's Fused Shadows, which would be passed on through the generations. They also came in possession of the Mirror of Twilight that goes to the Realm of Shadows.

In Numbuh Zero's era, Isabelle and Daphne were captured by demons, with Daphne experimented on, but they were saved by the new Kids Next Door. Isabelle would then join KND as the first known shadowbender, but would be wrongfully decommissioned when benders get banned. Daphne would be taken to Mariejoa and become a World Leader. Meanwhile, Isabelle and her boyfriend, Daniel move to Cleveland, Virginia and get married, giving birth to five kids.

Stories They AppearedEdit

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