Amber Blake is a member of the Delightful Children in the Out of Mind universe. She is usually at odds with fellow teammate Sandman.

She first appeared in the story 'Introductions' along with Josie Cross, Robert Cross, Darius Flint, Natalie Crespo, and Connor Dax. Amber later appears in the story 'Rising Action' where she called out Sandman who responded by scaring her.

Before Out of Mind's discontinuation, Amber was to be revealed as the traitor and fight Kayla and Ashley as she set the Moonbase to self-destruct. She would be killed in the explosion as Robert sadly watched as he and the others escaped.

KND: UniverseEdit

Amber is set to appear in the 'KND: Universe', along with other kids with a juvie record hired by Father.

Amber is set to appear in KND: Galactic Endgame, now leading the remainder of Triton Squad.


Robert CrossEdit

Amber has had the most contact with Robert aside from his sister. In 'Out of Mind' Amber kisses him for saving her.

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