Ditzy Dittzburg

"Don't think so hard, you'll give yourself a headache."

-Kuki to Aby.

Aby Dittzburg


Grace Taylor-Dittzburg: Mother Walter Dittzburg: Father




The Glam Clan, Family, Cheer Squad


Black Soul, Ex-boyfriends


Abigail "Aby" Veronica Dittzburg (pronounced "Ditz-burg") is a super short pudgy Caucasian girl. She has mid back platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. She is very sporty, and is always at the top of the pyramid with Wendy. She is a member of the Glam Clan.


Wendy ChangEdit

The two are close and have been friends since second grade. The two are co-captains for the Cheer Squad. When Wendy told her that Ariel should be on the Cheer Squad, Aby thought that she had gone crazy. When she learned that Wendy was doing it to help her get fit, Aby agreed saying that it wasn't good to be fat and she didn't want to lose any of her friends before their time.

Ariel Stomphim Edit

The two have been friends since second grade. Aby makes sure to work her hard in practice so she can become more fit.

Lily SummersEdit

The two have been friends since second grade. Aby is one of the few people who know Lily's real name.

Stephane AbramsEdit

The two have been friends since second grade.

Molly AbramsEdit

Molly is a new addition to the group when Stephane asked Wendy to let her join. Aby didn't really think anything of it. She was glad that their was another person in their group.

Kuki SanbanEdit

Aby's hatred for Kuki has come from being in the Glam Clan.

Black SoulEdit

Like Aby's hatred for Kuki, her hatred for Black Soul comes from being in the Glam Clan.


Aby is very ditsy, like her name. Black Soul likes to refer to her as Ditsy Dittzburg.

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